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MEETINGS:  Tuesdays 7:00 to 8:30pm with PATROL LEADERS COUNCIL: 4th Tuesday of the Month
(with exceptions, see calendar)
Welcome to Troop 16’s Website: your resource for information on the Troop and current happenings
Scoutmaster: Mrs. Sonya Lipman – 303 903-5926
Troop Committee Chair: Mrs. Colleen Combest  Restricted content - please logon to the website to view this information.
Senior Patrol Leader: Colin H.
Please use this link to contact our leaders via e-mail.
More information about the troop can be found in our Troop 16 Informational Trifold
Troop 16 – Home of the Survivorman Challenge and Quest for the Holy Grail Adventure Race.

May 22th Troop Meeting

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Hello Troop 16! Here is the plan for the May 22th troop meeting.

For this week, there will be a PLC meeting since next week is the summer court of honor. This means the next regular meeting will be on June 5th.

Don’t forget that on June 12th there is no troop meeting since there will be the annual summer picnic.

Nick F, Troop 16’s Newest Eagle

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It is with great pleasure that I introduce Nick F, Troop 16’s 136th Eagle Scout!

Nick’s Eagle Project was installing security lights and cameras at a couple of churches up near Grand Lake.

Congratulations Nick!

Summer Picnic

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The Troop meeting on Tuesday, June 12th, 2018 will be our Annual Family Summer Potluck Picnic

Which will be held at: 
Stonegate Swimming Complex from 6:00 to 9:00 pm  
10326 Stonegate Parkway  – 
Parker, CO 80134

More Details on what you need to bring and Signup(s) are HERE 

We also do the Troops Annual Swim Test for Adults and Scouts,
Detailed Infomation on Swim Test, BSA water safety, and Sign-ups are: 


May 15th Troop Meeting

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Hello Troop 16! Here is the meeting plan for May 15th.

First of all, flags will be done by the Flaming Ice Cubes patrol. Then, we will continue with playing games.

The main activity for this meeting to have fun while playing some games. We have been preparing for Survivorman for a while now and since it is over now, we take a break from instruction by playing games.

Lastly, don’t forget next week is a PLC meeting and the week after will be the Summer Court of Honor.

See you all Tuesday!

Parker Days 2018 – Sign Up Now Open

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The Parker Days Festival will be held in downtown Parker on June 7 – 10, 2018.    We will also provide one crew for final clean-up on the morning of June 11, 2018.  Each year, Troop 16 provides hundreds of hours of service taking care of all the trash at the Parker Days Festival as the biggest of our 3 annual fund raisers.  All Troop 16 members are required to participate.

 This year the requirement is that every scout needs to work 8 hours during the weekend.  The first 4 hours take care of the commitment needed for the troop.  The second four hours can be used to get a free all day ride pass or to be used as service hours for rank advancement.  The ages next to the signups are just suggestions. Typically our younger scouts (1st and 2nd year scouts) work the morning and day shifts and our older scouts work the late night shifts. Again, these are only suggestions. Please sign up when it is convenient for your family. 

We are asking this year that you do not sign up any siblings this year.  Please feel free to bring them during the shift and we will put them to work, but we want the sign up to be for the scouts.  If you want to let the shift leader know that a sibling is coming that would be very kind, one of our scout laws.

Here is a clarification of the different Adult sign up options:

Shift Leader (Works Troop HQ tent): In years past, scout moms have worked these shifts, but it can be any adult.

Rover (Oversees trash needs in park and typically drives golf cart around getting trash loaded onto cart and taking the trash to the dumpsters.)  

Adult Leader (Leads Scouts in trash pickup. You will walk around with an assigned group of boys to make sure the trash is picked up and work is getting done.)

Lastly, your Parker Days committee (Daniel Faust, Tom Loveland, and Beth Huffman) thank you for your service to the troop. We want to thank everyone that has ever worked at Parker Days as this is a large group effort.  We hear all the time about what a great troop we have and how hard working we are and it makes us smile every time knowing that you all have contributed to the high regard we have within the community.

To register, please CLICK HERE.

June 2018 Camp out

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/home/troop27/public html/v3/wp content/uploads/2016/05/lake mcconaughy1The June 2018 campout signup is now open.  Scouts will be able to work on motorboating and watersports merit badges.

This will be a fun-filled weekend that will consist of swimming, water skiing, wakeboarding, kayaking, tubing, with games and a fire on the beach.  

Sign up on Troop Track: HERE   and more info is HERE

Swim tests are required for all Adults and Scouts prior to going into the water for this trip and Summer Camp!

Summer Camp Update

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Summer Camp Attendance Must do:
1. Complete part A, B, and C, which requires a doctors signature. This is required for all attending. Please also provide a copy of your child vaccinations. This is due on or before June 26th to Aaron or Aisha Goedeke.  Med Form
2. If you are driving a driving form must be completed and submitted to Brian Nash. He also needs a copy of your car insurance information. I also need to know how many children you can fit in your car and if you can pull the trailer. 
3.The balance of your Camp payment Is Now Past Due. Please bring your checkbook.
4. All adults attending camp must complete YPT training and print a certificate and give to me. See me is you have questions about this. 
We will cover tonight  5/8/18 – We will be selecting merit badges.
Bartlett leader guide as well if you are interested is HERE.
Thanks, I am looking forward to camp this summer and supporting our boys. 
See me if you have questions. 
 Nate Smith

May 8th Troop Meeting

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Hello Troop 16! Here is the agenda for May 8th.

First of all, this troop meeting will be back at our regular location at Parker United Methodist Church. During the meeting, flags will be done by the Dirty Socks patrol. After flags, we will continue with camp prep for Survivorman.

After Survivorman camp prep, we will be reviewing everything we have been learning for the past few meetings in order to be prepared for Survivorman. If there is extra time, we will play a game.

Lastly, don’t forget in two weeks there will be a court of honor. This means the PLC meeting will be the week before instead of the last week of the month. For those of you that are new, a court of honor occurs at least twice a year and it is when we get recognized for all of our awards we achieved recently.

For those of you that are attending Survivorman, I hope you have fun!

See you all Tuesday!

And the 135th Eagle Scout for Troop 16 is….

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Marcellino F! Help me congratulate Marcellino on his fine accomplishment! According to the Eagle Board last night, Marcellino impressed them as a Scout worthy of being named Eagle Scout!

Congratulations Marcellino!

May 1st Troop Meeting

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Hello Scouts and Adults! Here is the plan for the May 1st troop meeting.

First of all, remember that we are meeting at the park across the street from Parker United Methodist Church. Remember to bring warm clothes, raingear, and a flashlight to the park. During the meeting, we will doing a navigation challenge. With our patrols, we will be using a compass to find points on a map. This will be the main activity during the meeting.

If you went to the merit badge college this weekend, I hope you accomplished a lot. During the next couple meetings, try to finish up all of the requirements you were not able to complete this weekend.

Don’t forget that this upcoming Saturday will be the church work day. It is a great way to get some service hours towards the rank you are working on. If you are attending, it will begin at 8:00am. Another opportunity for service hours is the National Day of Prayer on Thursday and there is one spot still available.

Lastly, Survivorman is less than 2 weeks away, therefore, if you want to attend, sign up before the deadline on May 8th.

See you all at the park on Tuesday!

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