Recharter! Recharter! It’s Recharter Time!

Posted by nlbaldwin on January 2, 2018

Hello everyone ~

It’s time to re-charter!

If you have not already received an email from me via Troop Track you should get one this week!  If you didn’t please email me at with the subject Recharter help.

Starting at tonight’s meeting I will have a box labeled RECHARTER FEES available to place your checks in.  Please make sure you put your son’s name(s) in the memo line as there are some families with the same last name.  Make checks payable to Troop 16.

If you are paying by Scout Account – PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU HAVE ENOUGH IN YOUR ACCOUNT TO COVER THE COSTS.  This is easy to do through Troop Track.  If you still cannot access Troop Track please see me or Mr. Meilhan at a meeting or email one of us.

Remember – Troop 16 does not charge dues.  Recharter fees are for DAC/National BSA only.  This is why we require you to work Parker Days.  Parker Days are already on the calendar for June 7-11th.  MAKE SURE YOUR FAMILY VACATIONS ARE NOT DURING THIS TIME.  It is vitally important that all Troop 16 member and parents help these days.

All recharter fees will be due to the Troop by February 1st!  Please don’t make me hunt you down 🙂

********** While national fees have increased to $33/year, Denver Area Council (DAC) is working to adjust the Charter period to a Jan 1 – Dec 31 cycle. This change will take place in 2019. For 2018, units will charter for a ten-month term. FOR 2018, NATIONAL FEES WILL BE PRO-RATED TO BE $27.50 AND Boy’s Life TO $10.

The re-charter amounts are: $37.50 for the first Scout, which includes a yearly subscription to Boys’ Life magazine, and $27.50 for each additional scout and each adult.
For example:
1 Scout and 1 Adult (2 members) = $65.00;
3 members= $92.50;
4 members = $120.00;
5 members = $147.50;
6 members = $175.00.

Thank you –

Noelle Baldwin, Committee Chair

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