New Scout Campout

Posted by Nate Smith on April 11, 2020

I have created some youtube videos to cover some on the information we would have at the campout. These are posted on the website and available here:

Tents and Sleeping Bag Basics –

Information for Parents of New Scouts –

Smellables –
Clothing for Campouts –

Knives and Flashlights –

Most of these are about how to prepare for campouts, what type of gear you need, and how parents work in the troop. I am happy to answer questions you have, I tried to keep it short.

At 2pm I will offer a zoom video with just the new scouts and parents, you will be required to use your name to login or you will not be accepted to the meeting. I will be covering pocket knife safety Scout rank requirement 5, and also answering any questions you have. I will email out the info on the zoom.

You to not have to sleep outside tonight, due to the cold, but when you do take a short video of your vent and set up and send it to me and we will sign off the requirement. We are looking at Tenderfoot 1a. 1b and 1c. Take a picture of the gear you use, the tent set up and send a brief email on how you practice the outdoor code. We will have a plan for Tuesday to complete more requirements.

Stay Cheerful.

Mr. Smith Scoutmaster


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