Open Adult Volunteer Positions

Posted by Mark Williams on September 16, 2020

We are currently recruiting for the following adult positions.  Please speak with Mrs. Combest or the person who currently holds the position for more information. All positions require adults to be registered with BSA and have current Youth Protection training and Position-specific training.  No prior scouting experience is required.

  • Life to Eagle Coordinator(s)–  OPEN Works in a team with other Life to Eagle coordinators to help Life Scouts navigate the trail to Eagle Rank.  Develops District contacts, helps identify and authorize Eagle Projects before they are brought to the Scoutmaster and Troop Committee. Recommends candidates to the Scoutmaster.
  • Transportation Coordinator –  OPEN  Responsible for collecting and maintaining the confidentiality of the Troop’s transportation records (Driver’s License and insurance information) for every driver.
  • Camp Hosts – Responsible for planning and logistics for a monthly campout. Responsible for putting the event on the calendar, creating the RSVP, reserving campsites, and other logistics for a monthly campout.  Camp Hosts and their scout may attend the campout at no cost.  Planning materials are in place. Speak with Mr. Smith or Mr. Kamm for more information.
  • Popcorn Kernel –  OPEN Recruiting Now for 2021 Responsible for organizing and coordinating the Troop’s popcorn fundraiser Aug-Nov.  You could be our next Popcorn Kernel and help our scouts earn money for their scout activities!
  • Survivorman –  OPEN Recruiting Now for May 2021   Responsible for coordinating a team of adults and scouts to plan and setup this mock disaster campout.  Planning materials are in place to work from.  Camp host for May is separate from this position.
  • Parker Days Coordinator –  OPEN 2021 Responsible for planning and logistics coordination for the Troop’s largest fundraising event. Recruit helpers and shift leaders. Setup shift schedules and act as liaison with the Parker Chamber’s event coordinator.


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