Open Adult Volunteer Positions

Posted by Colleen Combest on September 1, 2021

We are currently recruiting for the following adult positions.  Please speak with Mrs. Combest, Mr. Smith, or the person who currently holds the position for more information. All positions require adults to be registered with BSA and have current Youth Protection training and Position-specific training.  No prior scouting experience is required.  Let’s have some fun!

  • Troop Committee General Members–  OPEN Be avoting member of the Troop Committee. The Committee functions to support the Unit Leader’s program.
  • Life to Eagle Coordinator(s)–  OPEN Works as a direct contact leader to help Life Scouts navigate the trail to Eagle Rank.  Develops District contacts, helps identify and authorize Eagle Projects before they are brought to the Scoutmaster and Troop Committee. Recommends candidates to the Scoutmaster. Registration is required.
  • Eagle Court of Honor Counselor(s)–  OPEN  Helps families schedule ECOH dates with PUMC and helps families understand how to plan an ECOH using materials already available. The team is also responsible for securing items in the Eagle Award package given to every Troop 16 Eagle.
  • Class B Apparel & Logo Wear  –  OPEN  Orders neckerchiefs and class B t-shirts. Takes special orders 1-2 times a year for customized Troop 16 logo wear. This person is responsible for collecting orders and managing payments on TroopTrack.
  • Parent Patrol Newsletter –  OPEN  Writes the monthly newsletter with a focus on news and announcements most helpful to parents in the Troop.  Template provided. Attends the Troop Committee meetings each month. Contact Mrs. Huffman for more information
  • Special Events  –  OPEN  Lend a hand either as a coordinator or worker at any of our special events through the year such as our swim party, new scout registration, merit badge colleges and others.
  • Merit Badge Facilitator –  filled Works with Mr. Faust to distribute and collect Merit Badge Blue Cards; updates TroopTrack records and Internet Advancement monthly, reports to the committee. Works with Mr. Faust on COH preparation. Processes MB counselor applications. Maintains Troop 16 Merit Badge Counselor list. (Registration is required – ASM or Committee)
  • Merit Badge Counselors –  OPEN  Being a merit badge counselor is a great way to share your interests and life experience with scouts. Application, YPT, and training are required. There is no BSA fee to be a merit badge counselor. Candidates require approval from the District/Council advancement committees.
  • Camping Coordinator and Camp Hosts – OPEN Camping Coordinator works with the Scoutmaster and Committee. Recruits, guides, and assists Camp Hosts who take ownership of each monthly campout. Coordinator and Camp Hosts assure the location is scouted, site fees are paid, safety checklist is complete, and transportation is secured.  Is responsible for adding the event to the Troop calendar and creates the TroopTrack RSVP. Coordinator attends the monthly Troop Committee meetings.  Camp Hosts and their scout camp free for any regular monthly campout they plan.  Many campouts plans are already in place. Speak with Mr. Smith for more information.
  • Popcorn Kernel –  OPEN – Team Responsible for organizing and coordinating the Troop’s popcorn fundraiser Aug-Nov.  You could be our next Popcorn Kernel and help our scouts earn money for their scout activities!
  • Survivorman –  OPEN Recruiting Now for May 2022   Responsible for working with the Scoutmaster coordinating a team of adults and scouts to plan and setup this mock disaster campout.  Planning materials are in place to work from.  Camp host for May is separate from this position.
  • Parker Days Coordinator –  TBA  Responsible for planning and logistics coordination for the Troop’s largest fundraising event. Recruit helpers and shift leaders. Setup shift schedules and act as liaison with the Parker Chamber’s event coordinator.
  • Scoutmaster –  OPEN January 2023   Become a part of of Troop 16 history! The Unit Leader is responsible for the overall Scout program and calendar. The ideal Scoutmaster embodies the Scout Law and provides opportunities for encouragement, advancement, training and leadership for all scouts. They also instill Scout Spirit, fun, and adventure into every scout activity. Is responsible for recommending scouts for advancement, scout recognition, and retention.  Recruits new scouts, ASMs, and Life to Eagle counselors. Acts as the leader of the Dirty Socks Patrol. The Scoutmaster is a member of the Unit Key 3 with the Committee Chair and the Chartering Organization Representative. Scoutmaster is a registered, trained, uniformed position. Pursuing advanced training such as Safety Hazards, EDGE, Wilderness First Aid, Wood Badge and others are highly encouraged.  2 or 3 year term.
  • Committee Chair-  OPEN 2023  The Committee Chair acts as Troop’s lead administrator responsible for the oversight of Troop Committee functions and for recruiting and supporting scout parents and adult volunteers. The Committee Chair the leader of the Troop Committee and is a member of the Unit Key 3 along with the Scoutmaster and Chartering Organization Representative. The ideal candidate is organized, friendly, and able to work with a wide variety of people and personalities. Ideally they will have knowledge of Troop activities and the wider world of Scouting. Training provided. Committee Chair is a registered, trained, uniform-optional position. Chartering Organization approval is required.  2 or 3 year term recommended.
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