Open Adult Volunteer Positions

Posted by Mark Williams on April 29, 2019

We are currently recruiting for the following adult positions.  Please speak with Mrs. Combest or the person who currently holds the position for more information. All positions require adults to be registered with BSA and have current Youth Protection training and Position-specific training.  No prior scouting experience is required.

  • Troop Treasurer –  FILLED! Thank you Mr. Griffiths! Manages the Troop’s books and bank account, collects money, issues checks, and delivers the monthly financial report to the Committee. Time requirement up to 3 hours/week.
  • Eagle Court of Honor Coordinator FILLED!  Thank you Mrs. Kendrick! Responsible for general logistics and purchasing recognition supplies for Eagle Courts of Honors and assisting the family understand their responsibilities. Planning materials are in place for the new coordinator to use and build upon. Please speak with Mrs. Combest for more information.
  • Webmaster –  FILLED! Thank you Mr. Holzhauser! Website and Troop email admin. Responsible for setting up new users and event announcements on and general site maintenance.
  • Adventure Race Coordinator –  Recruiting helpers now. Responsible for planning and setup of the November Adventure Race along with inviting local packs in the area.  Camp host for November is separate from this position.  Planning materials are in place. Speak with Mrs. Lipman for more information.
  • Popcorn Kernel –  Recruiting for 2019 Helpers. Responsible for helping the Popcorn Kernel organize and coordinate the Troop’s popcorn sale Aug-Nov.  You could be our next Popcorn Kernel!
  • Survivorman –  Recruiting for 2020.  Responsible for coordinating a team of adults and scouts to plan and setup this mock disaster campout.  Planning materials are in place to work from.  Camp host for May is separate from this position.


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