Les Stroud Skype Visit

Posted by Chris Fournier on August 19, 2017

What is The Survivorman Challenge?

Based on the Television Series – Survivorman with host Les Stroud,  Troop 16 has been hosting The Survivorman Challenge campout for over 10 years!  During the challenge, Troop 16 scouts demonstrate some key Wilderness Survival skills.

After surviving a typical crash scenario (plane crash, 4X4 crash, Lost Hiker, etc), teams will demonstrate First Aid and then forage for supplies such as shelter material, food and water.  Teams will then sleep in the wilderness in their shelter.  Teams are accompanied by adult Referees who tally the points and at the end of the weekend determine the winner for each Challenge Level.

Watch the video:

Skype Visit with Les Stroud

Skype Visit with Les Stroud

On Tuesday, August 15th, 2017, Les Stroud had a Skype Visit with Troop 16.  Les spent 30 minutes talking to Troop 16 – giving us a rundown of what he is currently doing and having a question & answer session with the Troop.

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