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2019 Recharter

Posted by Colleen Combest on September 16, 2018

Greetings Troop!  It’s Rechartering time again! Thanks to all of you for your continued support for Troop 16. Please read through the following instructions to successfully register for another great year of Scouting in 2019. If recharter seems early this year, that’s because it is. Denver Area Council is now following a Jan 1-Dec 31 calendar.

  • Deadline to pay dues is Oct 30, 2018.  Because of the holidays, our recharter application needs to be delivered early in November. If you miss the deadline, you will be dropped from the 2019 roster. This means you’ll need to submit a new application in order to re-register or your BSA membership will expire on Dec 31. After Jan 1, scouts and Scouters with expired memberships will not be allowed to camp or participate in Troop activities until they are properly registered.
  • Please sign up and pay dues in TroopTrack just like you do when you RSVP for a campout HERE. Adult fee is $33. Youth Fee is $45 which includes Boys Life. TIP: If you want to decline Boys Life for multiple scouts, leave a comment such as “decline Boys Life for <scout name>”. We will credit $12 to your scout account.
  • Late Fee:    A late fee of $5 per scout will be strictly enforced for registrations received after Oct 30.  Recharter Fees will increase to $38 and $50 on Nov 1.
  • Financial Assistance – Consider adding a +1 Guest to your registration if you would like to help a scout who may not be able to afford their dues. If you need financial assistance or a payment plan, please let us know. We’ll do what we can to help you.
  • Leave a comment when you register if you have a new address or want to change your leader title, etc.
  • NEW YPT – All adults must complete the updated YPT course to register for 2019.  All ‘old’ YPT expires 9/30/2018.
  • Dual Registrations – You may register with multiple scouting units and still only pay one membership fee to BSA.  Please contact the registration team prior to the deadline if you wish to dual register with Troop 16 but pay dues through a different unit. You may pay your dues through Troop 16’s recharter even if we are not your primary unit.
  • Not returning in 2019? Please select “Not Going” on the RSVP – We would certainly enjoy having you back but don’t want to nag you unnecessarily.
  • Questions?  Contact Colleen Combest or Dana Stuart prior to the registration deadline.

Health Warning!  Failure to register by the deadline may result in the team experiencing hair loss, hand-wringing, high blood pressure, cravings for comfort food, and overuse of the word “aargh!” as we attempt to track folks down to register and complete YPT. Please be kind and register on time!

Happy Scouting!!  Colleen Combest \ Dana Stuart  – Troop Committee Chair \  Membership Coordinator

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