PLC October 27, 2009

Posted by webmaster on November 5, 2009

November 3rd moosen will do flags. Mr. Coleman will talk about the adventure race. There will be a longer patrol time for patrols to strategize.

Mountain men will cook cornbread. The catapulting rocks will cook gravy and green bean casserole. The Indians will cook mashed potatoes. Burnt toast will cook stuffing. Ravens will cook sweet potatoes. Moosen will cook cranberry sauce. Deadline is Sunday at midnight. Parents and siblings are invited.

On November 10th a scout historian will come to talk.

The catapulting rocks will-be doing flags.

The activity will be a first aid relay.

You will have to answer questions on first aid according to your rank.

On the 17th we will be doing a skit night. All patrols will need to think of a skit.

This is a good opportunity if you need to do a campfire program for a merit badge. Bring snacks. After that it will be patrol time. Ravens will be doing flags

The adventure race is on the 7th. It will start at 8:00 a.m. GPS are not allowed. You will get your briefing on Friday night. Race ends at one and the feast will be at four. The feast will be a pig roast.

Staff are needed to help lead two Webelos patrols. Scouts will need to know their knots and how to make a shelter. There will be 2 out of bounds.  One is the ranger’s house. The other is the firearms area. Scouts should have their ten essentials and other items you might need.9cares Colorado shares will be on November 19. This is a mandatory event! November 1st was an Eagle Court of Honor for Steve D., Thomas T., and Clark F..

On November 24th there will be no meeting. December 1st will be a PLC. On the 8th Burnt toast will d flags. The 15th will be the white elephant gift exchange. If you bring a movie it must be appropriate. November 21st is Sean L’s eagle project. He needs scouts to come and read all of his letters.

Troop 16 - Parker's High Adventure Troop