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Camping Summary

Troop 16 Camps 11 months out of the year. We take December off because of the busy holiday season.

Summer Camp is scheduled in June or July, depending on the destination.

We have a weekend campout each of the other months with adventures appropriate for the entire troop. The campouts are open to all registered scouts and scouters. Specific activities within a campout may be limited by rank, age, or demonstration of specific skills or certification.

The week-long Summer Camp and winter campouts (January, February, and March) require parts A, B and C of the medical form to be completed, which includes a signature from your physician.   All other campouts require only parts A and B to be completed. All medical forms need to have the Colorado Camp Addendum page included.  All adults that wish to camp must be registered adults and have current Youth Protection Training and the proper medical forms.  Adults must also provide Mr. Sun with a copy of their driver’s license, vehicle registration and insurance information.

Brian Kamm — Campout Coordinator


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