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Dec 2018 Merit Badge College – Signups Close November 30th

Posted by Jeff Gibbs on November 7, 2018

The Troop 16 Merit Badge College will be on Saturday, December 1st 2018 at PUMC

Merit Badges offered: Emergency Preparedness, Communications, Citizenship in the Community, Personal Management, Personal Fitness, Family Life and Environmental Science.

Be sure to register early in order to complete course prerequisites. 
See more details and sign up instructions are Here

Environmental Science MB Opportunity

Posted by Mark Williams on April 5, 2017

The CSU Environmental Learning Center near Fort Collins is offering an Environmental Science Merit Badge course.  It is in the morning of Saturday, April 15 which is a free weekend for the troop (Glenwood Springs campout is the following weekend, first year campout is the weekend before).  Registration is now open and they can accommodate large classes (up to 70).  Here is the link to the registration page If you are interested in car pool opportunities, please coordinate with Mr. Kamm

The Parker Police Department is hosting merit badge training.

Posted by Jeff Gibbs on March 14, 2017

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The Parker Police Department is hosting a merit badge training for area boy and girl scouts. This training will help cover the scout requirements for the following four sections:

Crime Prevention
Fingerprinting and Evidence
Emergency Preparedness
Police officer questions and police car

Each section of the training will be approximately 30 minutes, and the scout groups will rotate through each of the four sections.

The police department will be hosting a large number of scouts at this presentation. In order to allow the maximum number of scouts to take advantage of this training, they ask that only scouts and leaders attend.

Wednesday March 29th 5:30 -7:30 p.m.

Sign Up: Here


Rank Requirements for All Scouts

Posted by Sonya Lipman on January 22, 2017

On January 1, 2016, new requirements went into effect but might not necessarily have affected you depending on where you were at with rank advancements.  As of 01 Jan 2017, ALL Scouts MUST use the new requirements regardless of rank.  You can find a printable list of the new requirements here which you should print and put in your book.  If you have completed a requirement in your current rank and it’s after January 1, 2017, you can have a staff or adult leader sign off in your printed rank book that it has been completed as long as you show that you completed it in your old book as signed off.

Cycling Merit Badge

Posted by Sonya Lipman on August 25, 2016

Fellow Cyclists- Due to the amount of scout activities taking place on August 20th, we are going to move our 2nd 15 mile ride to August 27th at 1:30 PM instead.  We will meet at the trailhead across the street from the church again.  In the meantime, make sure you are getting on your bike daily and riding to prepare for the upcoming 50 mile ride.

Thank you,

Mrs. Lipman

Cycling Merit Badge

Posted by nlbaldwin on August 18, 2016

Attention Scouts- Mrs. Lipman will be teaching the cycling merit badge (eagle required if you choose cycling over hiking or swimming – or good to also have for Eagle Palms) on the below schedule at the Indian Pipe Trailhead on the west side of Parker Road across from the church.  Please make sure you come prepared with your bike, helmet, an extra tube/repair kit, and 2 filled water bottles (on rides 25 miles and over, one water bottle should be filled with Gatorade).  Your water bottles must be able to go in water bottle cages on your bike, in the back of cycling jerseys, or you must have a camelbak full of water.  Loose water bottles will not be able to be used.  We will have a couple of extra cycling jerseys if you need one to carry your bottles.  If you are unable to make it to one of these rides, please email Mrs. Lipman so she can schedule makeup rides.

We will need extra scouters on each ride.   Scouters please email Mrs. Lipman and let her know what days you would like to ride with the group.

July 16th @ 10:00 am – Classroom portion outdoors and 1st 10 mile ride.
July 30th @ 10:00 am – 2nd 10 mile ride
August 7th @ 12:00 pm – 1st 15 mile ride
August 20th @ 10:00 am – 2nd 15 mile ride
September 10th @ 8:00 am – 1st 25 mile ride
October 1st @ 8:00 am – 2nd 25 mile ride
October 8th @ 8:00 am – 50 mile ride

Personal Fitness Merit Badge

Posted by Brian Hardy on May 10, 2016

/home/troop27/public html/v3/wp content/uploads/2016/05/personal fitnessFor all Scouts desiring to complete the 12 week exercise program and bi-weekly fitness assessments, we will begin this Tuesday, May 10th at 6:30.  Please meet in the playground area on the East side of the church.  I will have a sign up list at that time so I can maintain a list of who is participating and have the ability to communicate with you on the schedule for the subsequent meetings.

Before you begin, you must meet Requirement 1a “Before completing requirements 2 through 9, have your health-care practitioner give you a physical examination, using the Scout medical examination form.”  If you have not received a Blue Card yet for Personal Fitness, please see your merit badge coordinator during the meeting and get one.  Print out a copy of the merit badge worksheet and review the requirements at

Our goal every two weeks will be to complete the bi-weekly fitness assessments.  After this weeks initial assessment you will need to outline your 12 week exercise program and have it approved by your parents and your merit badge counselor.  Mr. Hardy will be available during meetings to sign off on progress.

If you cannot be there this Tuesday, I will be there on May 17th as well to run the initial assessment.  Week 2 will begin on May 24th.  Additional dates will be communicated later.

Important Merit Badge Information

Posted by cvangel on April 3, 2016

Good evening Troop 16 ~

Here is a recap of the information I shared at the Troop meeting tonight that you all need to know for how we are going to be taking care of merit badges from this point on.

There are 4 adults working as merit badge coordinators:

  • Head Merit Badge Coordinator:  Dr. Christine Veto
    • Main responsibilities: oversee merit badge coordinators; go-to person for camp hosts; train merit badge counselors; update troop track; plan merit badge colleges; run reports and prepare for Courts of Honor; other duties as assigned.
    • Contact info:
  • Merit Badge Coordinator: Mr. Daniel Faust
    • Scouts with last names A – H
    • Contact info:
  • Merit Badge Coordinator:  Mr. Josh Yates
    • Scouts with last names I – P
    • Contact info:
  • Merit Badge Coordinator:  Mr. Jeff House
    • Scouts with last names Q – Z
    • Contact info:

Scouts:  When you are ready to start a merit badge, you need to request a meeting with your merit badge coordinator.  You will receive your blue card to start the merit badge at that meeting.  The merit badge coordinator will tell you who your merit badge counselor is (the adult you will work with to complete the merit badge).  You may request a meeting with your merit badge coordinator to update your progress on the blue card in TroopTrack or to turn in a completed blue card.

Here is what each scout with merit badges needs to do by the end of April:  Make an appointment with your merit badge coordinator and go over your completed, partially-completed, and just-started blue cards.  Bring all you have with you to this meeting.  We are inputing everything in TroopTrack.

Adults:  I will be hosting a merit badge counselor training session on Tuesday, April 12.  For a troop this large, we need as many adults as we can get so there is more opportunity for our scouts to complete their merit badges in a timely manner.  I will have more information at that meeting so please plan on attending.  It should only be about a 30-minute meeting.

Camp hosts:  Please contact me for blue cards for the scouts attending the camping weekend.

~dr. veto

2016 Requirements Pamphlets

Posted by Mark Williams on February 28, 2016

The advancement resources page has been updated to include a printable pamphlet with the 2016 requirement changes. All boys that are going to have a board of review should bring a copy of this to their board of review. During the board, they can discuss what requirements set they should use for their next rank. The pamphlet will then be part of the boy’s book.

Mining in Society Merit Badge Blue Cards

Posted by Mark Williams on February 19, 2016

Mr. Burks will be handing out blue cards for the Mining in Society merit badge, Tuesday Feb. 23. If you went on the August campout, or to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science with him, you should speak with him. If you cannot be there Tuesday, please coordinate with him to receive the card at a later date.

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