Uniform Info and Troop 16 Logo Wear Orders

Posted by webmaster on March 17, 2010

Class A’s, Class B’s and Logo Wearclass-b

Troop 16 encourages its Scouts to get “Class A” and “Class B” uniforms for meetings and activities, and recommends the Troop Logo Wear (especially wicking shirts and Fleece Jackets) for campouts.  More information on Uniforms can be found below.

Troop Logo Wear

Troop Logo Wear are hats, wicking shirts, polar fleece sweaters/jackets, book covers and other items with the Troop Logo embroidered on them. They can also have the Scout’s name added to the embroidery, which means they will always find their way back to their rightful owner (though he may get to sing to the Troop to celebrate his forgetfulness).

In particular, we encourage boys to acquire non-cotton tee-shirts for hiking and wearing under other clothing as a base layer. Cotton can be dangerous in wet cold weather. The kind we have in Colorado in June and July and August.

You may order Logo Wear at any time of year. However, we may wait to batch our orders occasionally. Please contact the Troop Logo Wear Coordinator for more details. Their contact information is on the order form. To access the order form, you must be logged in. Restricted content - please logon to the website to view this information.

Class A’s

Class A uniforms are the well-known khaki shirt (with patches) and green pant uniforms. These are to be worn at all weekly meetings, Scoutmaster Conferences, Boards of Review, and in the car while traveling to and from a Boy Scout Campout.

Class B’s

Troop 16 also offers a Class B uniform, which is a green wicking t-shirt with a large fleur de lis formed from scouting words, and the Troop 16 logo on the front. These are to be worn at Church Work Days, Parker Days, Smokin’ Brew BBQ, and other work events where casual is more appropriate than the formal Class A Uniform.

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