Personal Camping Checklist

Posted by webmaster on March 12, 2009

Troop 16 Personal Camping CheckList


Ø       Essential Camping Gear:

o        10 Essentials: these items are required for every outdoor activity the scout attends. I recommend gathering these items and then finding a daypack that will hold them with some room to spare for extra warm clothes.

§         Water: two 32 oz Nalgene bottles with lids with loops and carabiners

§         First aid kit: Add a whistle to the kit.

§         Fire starting kit:

§         Rain Gear

§         Warmth: A polar fleece jacket or pull-over and a fleece or wool hat and gloves.

§         Pocketknife

§         Orientation: compass, map, and pencil

§         Flashlight

§         Sun protection: wide-brimmed hat and sunscreen and lip balm with SPF.

§         Trail Food: High protein and high carb trail mix, granola bars, beef jerky, etc.

o        Daypack.

o        Basic Clothing:

§         Appropriate footwear –

·         Summer: ankle high hiking boots

·         Winter: Waterproof boots/Felt Pack Boots with gaitors

·         Always have a back-up shoe or boot in case one gets wet.

§         *2 Fleece or Wool Stocking Caps (one for day, one for night).

§         *Synthetic long underwear (for summer or winter camping)

§         *Wool Hiking Socks: 1 pair per day with 1 extra pair.

§         Synthetic Pants –

·         For summer: zipoffs available at most sports retailers or at the scout shop.

·         For winter: a pair of ski pants/bibs works well or a pair of long underwear and rain gear pants.

§         Synthetic long sleeve shirt (like a Class B shirt).

§         Underwear

o        Sleeping Pad

o        Sleeping Bag

o        Cooking and Eating

§         Mess Kit (if cooking).

§         Utensils.

§         Bowl and Cup.

§         Insulated Drinking cup

o        Toilet kit:

§         soap

§         toothbrush

§         washcloth

§         towel

§         toothpaste

§         deodorant

§         toilet paper in a Ziploc bag.

o        Frame Backpack. 

o        Miscellaneous:

§         Bandanna (acts as a hanky, tourniquet, or hat)

§         Plastic garbage bags (2) – work as gear cover, sleeping bag cover or emergency rain poncho.

§         Rope

§         Wristwatch

§         Sunglasses

§         Repair kit

§         Small pillow

§         Space blanket

§         Camera

o        Medicines



Ø       Optional or “As Appropriate” Gear:

o        Tent (one tent per two boys – make sure you know who is responsible for this!)

o        Additional clothing

§         Neck gator for winter

§         Additional gloves, hats, boots, pants, or shirts (including wool pants and shirts)

o        Insect repellant

o        Disposable Hand Warmers (Costco had a box of 40 pair for $15 this year).

o        Work gloves

o        Swimsuit – summer camping

o        Magnifying glass

o        Gaiters for winter camping

o        A small, lightweight garden trowel for backcountry trips.

o        Spending money as appropriate

o        Axe/Hatchet (adults only)

o        Camp Chair (adult drivers only)

o        2-Way Radios



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