Scout Accounts

Posted by webmaster on December 7, 2009

A scout account is a way for a scout to earn money to help pay for his scouting adventures.  From time to time Troop 16 will offer some fundrasiers and a portion or all of the profit earned will go to the scout for his scout account.  In 2009, the Troop Committee approved the Policy and Procedures for Scout Accounts (see below).  In 2014, the committee voted to let the scouts earn one-third of their gross sales to be deposited into their scout accounts (on time orders only).  The other ongoing scout account fundraisers are the King Soopers reloadable cards and the Scrip gift card programs; please see the Scrip program page for details.  Please read the following and start saving!  Contact Dana or Matt Stuart to find out more information.


Scout Accounts

Troop 16 offers scouts the opportunity to earn their own money to help fund their scouting experience. The way this is done is through Scout Accounts.

A Scout Account can be funded through fundraising opportunities approved by the Troop Committee. Funds are managed by the Troop and are placed in an account that is linked to the individual scout family. The funds can be used for any activity or item that is Boy Scout related. The Troop committee reserves the right to audit, approve, or deny a scout request to liquidate Scout Account funds.

Fundraisers can be run troop wide or by a group of scouts saving for a special event, such as a high adventure trip. The scout can also deposit funds into his account for future activities.

Please note that Troop 16, at its own discretion, and approved by the Troop Committee, may use any of the 3 mandatory fundraisers to assist funding Scout Accounts. However all scouts are expected to participate in (1) Popcorn Sales (2) Pancake Supper Ticket Sales (3) Parker Days contracted labor (trash detail).


The Troop has one person who keeps the records for the Individual Scout Accounts.

When a scout wants to use the funds in his Individual Scout Account, he contacts the Scout Account POC. First, the Scout Account POC will confirm the amount in the scout’s account. Second, the Scout Account POC will approve the disbursement if the expense is within the Scout Account disbursement guidelines (see supra).

Should a scout leave Troop 16 and transfer to another troop, Troop 16 will send a check payable to the new Troop for the remaining funds in his Scout Account. If a scout fails to recharter or turns 18 years of age, the balance in his Scout Account will be transferred/donated to the Scout in Need Account. Scouts will be eligible to receive any funds they personally deposited into their Scout Account. However, the returned funds cannot be the result of a Troop fundraising activity.

SUPRA- Approved disbursements will be for any scout camping fees or anything related to scouting, such as purchases from the scout store or for camping equipment. Funds can also be used to pay the annual BSA fees. Camping fees require an accounting entry to transfer the funds from the scout’s account to the camp account. For anything purchased outside the Troop, the scout needs to purchase the item and then submit the receipt for reimbursement. When purchasing things outside the Troop, it is a good idea to confirm that the purchase will be an approved disbursement.

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