Glenwood Caverns March 27-29, 2020 RSVP Open Now

Posted by Colleen Combest on March 13, 2020

Unfortunately because of the school closures, we are canceling this campout.  Our program will hopefully resume with our PLC and Troop Committee meeting on March 31 at PUMC.

Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park and the Ami’s Acres Campground.  This a fun camp with access to all the rides and thrills.

Fee:  $20 T-16 Camp Fee + $25 Glenwood Caverns Park Fee total $45.  This may change if we are able to do a service project.  If that happens the Park Fee will be refunded to you.

This campout has a maximum of 40 people for the campsite we will be using.

Meet-up: 4:00pm at PUMC, Friday March 27th the drive is about three hours.Back Home: 2:00p at PUMC on Sunday March 29th

The new big trailer will be going with new chuck boxes (make sure your patrol chuck is fully stocked)

NOTE TO ADULTS:  We need some volunteers to do the cooking for Dirty Socks and Staff and someone to pull the trailer.  If you can help please email  Thanks.


This campout will emphasize cooking requirements for Trail to First ClassTherefore, those scouts who need cooking requirements for Trail to First Class have priority when it comes to planning, preparing and clean-up.

Sack Dinner on Friday as per usual.  Lunch on Saturday should be a bag lunch taken into the Park and this is still a meal that needs to be planned, prepared and cleaned up.

Sunday morning should be a backpacking breakfast so the only cooking will be what can be done only with boiled water, try to be somewhat creative.


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