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Posted by webmaster on March 3, 2009

Troop 16 is Parker’s High Adventure Troop,

 We’re always on the go!…

mt-sherman-2007-012Camping — Caving — Hiking — Backpacking — Rock Climbing — Summiting 14’ers — Canoeing — Extreme Cooking, and pretty much anything else Colorado has to offer.  We are also the home of the Annual Troop 16 Adventure Race, a life-size board game that tests each Scout’s endurance, spirit, leadership ability, and skills; and of the Annual Survivorman Challenge, a competition of Orienteering and Wilderness Survival skills, which has been endorsed by Les Stroud, the Survivorman.

We’re made up of about 85 boys between the ages of 11 and 18, and over 100 adults who come together to create an incredible experience for our Scouts.

Our Troop is focused on four things:

  • High Levels of Challenge – We believe you grow through challenge. Its not enough to go someplace and camp. We’re not happy unless we’re climbing mountains, thriving in -15 temperatures, digging snow caves, or backpacking 10 miles.


  • High Degrees of Discipline – To be able to take our boys to the tops of mountains (where the edges of the Trail drop for thousands of feet on either side) we have to be able to trust they’ll be in control and do the right things. Ours is a Troop that values self-control.


  • Boy-Owned – You might have heard the term “boy-led”, we go well beyond that. At Troop 16, as much as possible the Boys make all the decisions. As adults, we endeavor to create a perimeter of safety around them, but we don’t steal their ability to run the program. At Troop 16, the boys call their own plays. It can be sloppy and they make mistakes, but it is the way Scouting was designed and the only way to run a Troop.


  • Advancement – It is important to us that our boys have the opportunity to grow and advance in ranks. We like creating Eagles, but it isn’t our focus. Instead, we want every boy to feel they are becoming more capable and competent, every day. If that leads to Eagle Scout, great! But, at Troop 16 they have to earn it. Eagle is a world-renowned mark of distinction and it should be hard to get.

We are the oldest troop in the town of Parker, started in 1973, and are chartered by the Parker United Methodist Church. We meet every Tuesday night and we camp every month.

If the above sounds good to you, we encourage you to come visit. No previous Scouting experience is necessary and there is always room for one more Scout. 


Parker United Methodist Church – 11805 S Pine Dr Parker, CO 80134-7308
Boy Scout Troop 16

Troop 16 - Parker's High Adventure Troop