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Posted by zachary b on April 20, 2021

Who’s Who in Troop 16 & Where do I Get the Information?

Log on to the system to view the person’s contact information (email address and phone number).

Scoutmaster (SM): Mr. Nate Smith

· Adult Leader in charge of the boys and the program and responsible for the growth and learning of all Scouts; Leader of the Dirty Socks Patrol. The Senior Patrol Leader reports to the Scoutmaster, find ways to help them.

Vice Scoutmaster: Mr. Greg Braford

· Second in command to the Scoutmaster. Assumes leadership of the boys and the program when the Scoutmaster is not available. Find ways to help them.

First Year Scouts Scoutmaster: Mr. Rob Beyerly

· Helps first year Scouts to enter the Troop and succeed in their first year to achieve First Class rank. Ask him about anything having to do with new Scouts.

Asst. Scoutmaster, High Adventure Coordinator: Mr. Brian Hardy

· Coordinates and promotes high adventure programs within the overall program. Works to get T16 into at least one high adventure base each year. Researches and sets up high adventure programs throughout the year on a quarterly basis. Bring him high adventure ideas and ask him about high adventure trips.

Asst. Scoutmasters, Life to Eagle:

imageMr. Ron Carlson

Mr. Daniel Faust

Mr. Roger Wingate

Works with Life Scouts to navigate the trail to Eagle. Knows who to call at the District. Helps identify and authorize Eagle Projects before they are brought to the Scoutmaster and Committee. Recommends candidates to the Scoutmaster. Speak to him as soon as you become a Life Scout.

Recruiting – Camping Coordinator/Committee Member :

· Coordinates all campouts throughout the year. Assists and guides the Camping Champions that take ownership of each campout. Makes sure the location is scouted, the fees are paid, safety is considered, and transportation has been secured. Ask him if you can champion a campout.

Charter Organization Representative: Mr. Sid Hughes

· Representative of the Church to the Troop. Acts as liaison and communicates Church’s position to the Troop. Helps communicate with Church leadership. The Troop Committee Chairman works for him. Help him work with the Church.

 Troop Committee Chair:Mrs. Colleen Combest

· Leader of Troop Committee and in charge of working with adults, parents, and others who support the Troop. The Scoutmaster’s boss. Find ways to help her. Bring her issues regarding adults.

Troop Secretary: Mr. LeRoy Ellis

Merit Badge Coordinator: Mr. Daniel Faust and Mrs. Sarah Cannon

· Coordinates Merit Badges for the Troop. Arranges and manages Merit Badge Counselors, promotes including merit badge subjects into the program, and works with Scouts on Merit Badge Colleges and Summer Camp. Ask her about merit badges and offer to be a counselor.

New Member Coordinator: Mrs. Dana Stuart

Works with Webelos and other boys interested in joining the Troop. Answers questions from folks wanting to know more about Boy Scouting. Talk to Matthew or Dana if you are looking to join.

Treasurer: Mr. Derek Griffiths

Manages the Troop’s books, takes money, and delivers the financial report to the Committee. Give him your money for campouts and whatever else.

Transportation Coordinator: Mr. Jim Snakard

Ensures that tour permits are filed and approved. Makes sure that drivers are properly registered and insurance information is up to date. Give all transportation forms to him

Training Coordinator: Mrs. Christine Rodriguez

Maintains records of adult leader training. Sets up and promotes training opportunities. Identifies if training is needed or expires. Give your training cards to her.

Medical Records Coordinator: Mr. Alan Baxter

Maintains confidential medical records for all members of the Troop. Identifies when medical forms have expired and contacts Scouts and Adults to obtain. Identifies who doesn’t have adequate forms and informs the Scoutmaster to keep those persons from attending camping events until they do. Issues the Med Forms to leader in charge of each campout. Give them your med forms.

Popcorn “Kernel” & Community Service Project Coordinator: Ms. Stacie Arambula

Manages the annual Boy Scout Popcorn sale. Encourages boys to sell, handles money, coordinates pick-up and delivery of popcorn.  She also makes sure our Scouts’ hard work is documented in Troop Track – from individual, to Troop, to Eagle Scout project community service projects.

Pancake Supper Coordinator: Mrs. Deb Kubiak

· Handles all of the Pancake Supper details including event setup, ticket sales, training.  Pancakes make her smile.

Class B Apparel Coordinator: Recruiting

· Handles the selection of shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, etc. with the Troop’s logo and Scout’s name embroidered. Takes orders, handles the money, manages the order. Buy stuff from her.

Webmaster:   Mr. Robert Holzhauser

· Maintains the Troop’s Website. Manages all links except the main page, which is managed by the Scoutmaster. Contact him with photos and other things to be posted (not announcements)


Equipment Coordinator – Recruiting: Mr. Craig Saari

· Manages the Troop’s equipment and trailers. Offer to help him.

Advancement Chairman: Mr. Lucas Camp

Manages all rank advancement. Conducts and coordinates Boards of Review. Works with the Scoutmaster to identify coaching gaps. Tell your Scout to talk to him before asking for a Scoutmaster Conference.

Troop Software Coordinator: Mr. Lucas Camp

· Manages the Troop 16 advancement and activity recording/reporting software. Works with other units on scout transfer applications. Make sure your information is up-to-date with him.

Scout Accounts Manager: Mr. Matthew and Mrs. Dana Stuart

· Manages the tracking of money into and out of scout accounts. In charge of selling King Soopers reloadable gift cards and tracking rebates received as a result. Check with them to 1) find out your scout account balance, and 2) make sure your information is up-to-date.

Merit Badge Counselor Recruiter:  Mr. Akbar Jaffer

Currently Recruiting

  • Parker Days Coordinator
  • Outdoor Activities Coordinator
  • Summer Picnic Coordinator
  • General Committee Members
  • Merit Badge Counselors
  • Camp Hosts

What am I expected to do as a parent in Troop 16?

· Attend troop meetings as much as possible

· Be involved in whatever capacity you can

· Support your scout in his endeavors

· Check the troop website regularly at www.bsa16.org

· Communicate with the appropriate person listed above for any questions

· Come to our Committee meetings when possible

· Keep your contact information up to date in the Troop 16 software Volunteer/Opportunities for Parents In order to successfully run a troop the size of Troop 16, we need as many parents involved as we can possibly get. We have a variety of opportunities available for whatever level of time you are willing to give.

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