Fall Safety Tips As We Go Back-To-School

Posted by Evan V. on August 11, 2017

Be prepared for school and a new routine at home by talking with your family and having a plan in place on these important topics.


#1 Walk Safely. Usually schools have Crossing Guards and Safety Patrol teams at the intersections near the school building. Getting to and from school you will need to make sure you are paying attention to traffic and others around you. Cross only at intersections or crosswalks and look both ways, at least twice, before crossing the street as you go on your way.

#2 Biking. Make sure your bike is checked out, tires filled and seat adjusted before the first week of school. Always wear a helmet. Have a bike lock to keep your bike safe during the day. If you have to bike on the sidewalk and not the street make sure you speak up and say “On your left”, or “On your right” because the people walking in front of you need to know that you are behind them and which way they need to step in order to get out of your way as you pass by.

#3 Riding the Bus. Be careful when you are walking around buses in the parking lot. Be polite to your bus driver. If you see anyone or hear anything going on that is bullying or an issue make sure you let your bus driver and parent(s) know.

#4 Riding in Cars. Always wear your seatbelt! Children 12 and younger should be sitting in the back seat. Pay attention walking to and from a car parked at the curb waiting for you because everyone seems to be in a hurry at drop off and pick up. If you are old enough to drive, go slow and take your time in the school zone. No talking or texting on your cell phone. Having an accident is not worth rushing because you are running late to class. Park in designated parking lots for students. Many neighborhood streets are off limits for student parking.

Home Alone.

It is important that you have a plan in place with your family and everyone has the same expectations. A few of the top safety precautions include: making sure all doors are locked and garage door(s) are down, checking in with a parent once you are home, do not open the front door to anyone, no one is allowed over until an adult is home, only answer calls from family, be disciplined and complete your homework and chores, and turn on lights especially as it gets dark.

Weather is Changing.

The weather will vary a lot in the next couple of months and can change dramatically within hours. Always have a jacket, umbrella, hat and gloves in your backpack or keep in a school locker. The sun can be out when you leave for school and when the final bell rings you walk out the door to rain, hail or even a snow storm.



Daylight Savings Time.

The official date is Sunday, November 5th. In the months between now and then it will start to get darker earlier in the mornings and after November 5th it will be darker earlier in the evenings. It is not a good idea to walk alone or ride your bike in the dark, so make sure you are safe getting to and from to school. This is also a good time to check and change all batteries in both the smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors in your home. Having a few light timers in place will also make your home look like someone is there and you are not walking into a dark house.


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