Scribe’s Corner

Posted by webmaster on May 8, 2012


This page will contain the minutes from the PLC meetings and any meeting plans.
The minutes are created by the Scribe, or the SPL if the Scribe was not in attendance.
These are meant to supplement the calendar, and provide more insight into the next few meetings.

2013-04-30 PLC Minutes

2013-03-19 PLC Minutes

2013-02-25 PLC Minutes

2013-01-28 PLC Minutes

2012-11-27 PLC Minutes

2012-09-25 PLC Minutes

2012-08-27 PLC Minutes

2012-07-31 PLC Minutes

2012-05-22 PLC Minutes

2011-05 Troop Meeting Plans

2011-04-26 Troop Meeting Plan

2011-04-19 Troop Meeting Plan

2011-04-12 Troop Meeting Plan

2011-04-05 Troop Meeting Plan

2009-12-01 PLC Minutes

2009-10-27 PLC Minutes

2009-09-29 PLC Minutes

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