Scout Accounts

Posted by webmaster on May 29, 2021

A scout account is a way for a scout to earn and save money to help pay for his scouting adventures.  Troop 16 offers fundraising opportunities for scouts and a portion or all of the profit earned can be allocated to the scout account. Please read the following and start saving!


  • Troop 16 offers scouts the opportunity to help fund their scouting experience. Scout Accounts are linked as family accounts.  Fundraising money can be used for any Boy Scout related activity.
  • Fundraisers can be run troop wide or by a group of scouts saving for a special event, such as a high adventure trip. The scout can also deposit his own funds into his account for future activities.


  • The Troop Treasurer or designated scout account recorder maintains records for individual Scout Accounts.
  • Scouts may use funds from their scout account for any RSVP processed through TroopTrack or approved outside expense.
  • Outside expenses for Boy Scout activities ie: training, camps, merit badge classes, OA, etc. are allowed within reason.  Present your receipts for approval and processing by the Treasurer.
  • Should a scout leave Troop 16, their scout account will be reviewed and any personal funds remaining in the account in excess of expenses may be refunded to the scout.
  • Fundraising money always stays with the Troop and is never disbursed in cash or its equivalent to Scouts.
  • If a scout transfers to another unit within the Chartering Organization funds may be transferred in full to the other unit. Transfers of funds outside of the Chartering Organization require committee approval to send a check payable to the new unit.
  • Scout accounts may be used for Eagle COH expenses. Present receipts for reimbursement.
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